Sunshine School provides Speech-Language, Occupational, and Physical therapeutic services prescribed by physicians to children, birth to 21 years of age. Our therapists are highly skilled, board certified, and state licensed. Annual continuing education requirements maintain our high standards for service delivery and quality.


Sunshine School therapy services may include:

  • Evaluations utilizing standardized tests, criterion referenced measures, clinical observations, and/or parent-caregiver interviews.
  • Development of intervention plans based upon evaluation results and the needs of the child and the child’s family/caregivers.
  • Intervention services to achieve the desired outcomes of intervention plans.
  • Ongoing evaluation of progress and modification of intervention service plans as needed to affect desired intervention outcomes.
  • Ongoing communication with medical professionals such as primary care physicians, specialists (orthopedists, neurologists, ENT), nurse practitioners, nutritionists to coordinate and enhance intervention services.
  • Assist families/caregivers in acquiring specialized equipment such as wheelchairs, braces, and augmentative communication devices.
  • Provision of services to consult and educate family/caregivers, educational staff, and/or community in the areas of communication, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills.

Therapy Services offered:

  • Comprehensive evaluations.
  • Individualized treatment programs.
  • Individual therapy sessions.
  • Paired Peer therapy sessions.
  • Group therapy sessions.
  • Animal-Assisted Therapy Activities.
  • On-going parent/caregiver consultation and communication.
  • Collaboration with academic and/or therapy team.